Thursday, August 15, 2013


M-Audio Oxygen 25
Akai LPD 8
Microchip Explorer 16
Microchip ICD 3
PicoTech PicoScope 2205                                                                                   
Unitrend UT60E
3 TPLink wifi routers
2 Soldering irons
Diverse circuitry

Akai LPD Part 1

Gremlin reporting!

I'm trying to use an AKAI Professional LPD 8  as an interface to input system commands on linux.
As instance, I would press a PAD and some combo like ctrl + alt + del run(like a programmable keyboard).
First step is to check the device on the system,
Bus 001 Device 005: ID 09e8:0075 AKAI  Professional M.I. Corp.
According to
check in /dev/midi1
$cat /dev/midi1 > dump.txt
I get some weird characters due to encoding, which if dumped to decimal represent the midi values.